Funding, supporting, and advising
ambitious cryptocurrency startups
from seed to beyond

What we offer

  • Social MediaSocial Media Awareness

    We will use our social media network alongside our publishing platform of 6 staff writers to promote your project on social media platforms.

  • Strategic AllianceStrategic Alliance

    Driving the news cycle, our goal is arranging a minimum of 10 SPAs for you to announce leading into and beyond the launch, thus continuing the momentum.

  • Influencer OutreachInfluencer Outreach

    We will connect your project with top influencers with the aim of positively affecting your project with millions of impressions.

  • Advisor RelationshipAdvisor Relationship

    We have highly competent strategic partners who can help you with any query and are available for prompt 24/7 replies.

What Makes Us Different?

We are here to build a relationship with you beyond your launch. We aim to support your vision and promote it through our highest and best resources, getting you the exposure you deserve. Unlike others, we choose to WORK with you.

What makes us different



We specialize in

Not just content,
we specialize in
graphics too

We go all out and fully optimize ALL SMM items for SEO and max engagement, and more. We also give graphics support to our clients. Our team specializes in creation of eye-catching graphic content, full-feature videos, moon sheets along with practically anything else you would ever need.

Our Investments

  • Andromeda ProtocolAndromeda Protocol
  • PolkafantasyPolkafantasy
  • SubquerySubquery
  • KalaoKalao
  • DexalotDexalot
  • Nested FinanceNested Finance
  • Ex PopulusEx Populus
  • JamboJambo
  • MixMobMixMob
  • ColonyColony
  • AmbireAmbire
  • Third Time EntertainmentThird Time Entertainment
  • StarlyStarly
  • PortalPortal
  • SinCitySinCity
  • MadworldMadworld
  • MatterlessMatterless
  • SidusSidus
  • SoliceSolice
  • CoriteCorite
  • Cross The AgesCross The Ages
  • GuildFiGuildFi
  • UltiverseUltiverse
  • Tranching ProtocolTranching Protocol
  • The HUSLThe HUSL
  • SkyArk ChroniclesSkyArk Chronicles
  • RebaseRebase
  • Laconic NetworkLaconic Network
  • Hubble ProtocolHubble Protocol
  • Engines of FuryEngines of Fury
  • ChainGPTChainGPT
  • BluefinBluefin
  • TenetTenet
  • zkLendzkLend
  • GameswiftGameswift

Partnering with you, and empowering you with resources, bringing forth societal change.

Maven Capital prides itself on market trend research in identifying the most ambitious cryptocurrency projects revolutionizing the blockchain space. As we invest in them early, we support them throughout their journey.